Mr. C

Mr. C is a prolific music composer and producer. He sings, plays the guitar, drums, keyboard... and he is a music mentor.

Originally, from Hawaii, he has been in and out of the music industry and has now returned with acclaimed success. Mr. C has a very straightforward way of approaching music, simply put, "If it sounds good, play it."

Mr. C's career began at an early age in Maui, Hawaii. He wrote, performed and sang to his parents, family and friends. His love for music and entertainment grew immensely during his formative years. He decided to take a leap of faith in his early 20's and moved to New Orleans , Louisiana to pursue his love of music.

While in New Orleans, he organized a six piece band playing a variety of musical styles. The band performed nightly, traveling from club to club throughout the State and region. Friends and contemporaries soon began to take notice of Mr. C's charm and charisma while on and off stage. Shortly, thereafter Mr. C became a one-man show and completely immersed himself in his music.

After several years of performing on the road, he decided to take a few years off to spend time with his family and loved ones. This time off also gave him the opportunity to creatively re-energize, revitalize and reinvent himself and the direction of his music.

Returning in 1999 to the music industry, Mr. C now ushers in a recording studio housing an SSL Board, other high tech equipment and CONCHILLO ENTERTAINMENT. Conchillo Entertainment, Mr. C's label, has several carefully selected acts in the genres of Country, Smooth Jazz, Latin. R&B, Gospel and Hip-Hop.


GHA'NAI is an up and coming 20 year old singer raised in Hollywood, California. Although her family originated in Guatemala, she came to the United States when she was very young. GHA'NAI started her music career as a young performer, singing in church on Sundays and performing in talent shows in school. Her inspiration to sing came from spending many nights listening to such artists as Whitney Houston, Shakira, Luis Miguel and the late Aaliah.

GHA'NAI's soulful sound coupled with her ability to shift from Spanish to English makes her unique. With her captivating voice and the mix of Latin, Soul and Pop in her music combined with the penetrating lyrics, GHA'NAI's message is slowly but surely being received. Perhaps it is because of the type of music and the way it is delivered that has opened up her demographic fan base to more than just young adults and now has older Latin individuals listening to her music.

GHA'NAI's talent was recognized early 2007, while in voice school, when a friend of hers directed her to the owner of CONCHILLO ENTERTAINMENT, based in Los Angeles, California. GHA'NAI has gone on to record an album with a mixture of both Spanish and English songs and is ready to be embraced by the world.


BERNARD LILTON has traveled the long road to where he is today. Raised in Dallas, Texas with a family full of musicians, BERNARD saw no future for himself other than music. BERNARD grew up listening to his grandfather and uncle, who were both pastors, and to the choir that performed on Sundays. Because he grew up in a musical and spiritual family, it paved the way for this artist to be able to express himself through music. With his captivating voice, a hint of soul in his gospel music, together with piercing lyrics, BERNARD LILTON's message is slowily but surely being received.

His unrelenting perseverance to have his music and message received by his fans is obvious. BERNARD continously strives to make sure that his music is perfect. Realizing that sound teaching was essential for musical maturity, and knowing that he needed more than just a family well versed in music, BERNARD enrolled himself in the Baldwin School of Music.

BERNARD LILTON has gone on to perform with major artist such as Toni Braxton, Ashanti, Chante Moore and Dazz Band. BERNARD has toured all over he United States and played in countless churches. BERNARD now lives in Los Angeles, California where he met the owner of CONCHILLO RECORDS, and recorded an album. BERNARD has been heard on at least 200 radio stations... from the West coast to the East coast, and he believes strongly that the Lord has guided him to where he is today.